What I Ask Prospective Clients Before Working with Them

March 6, 2023

As a creative professional, working with clients can be a delicate balance of collaboration, communication, and creativity. Before starting any project, it's crucial to clearly understand the client's needs, goals, and expectations. But, as I've learned over the years, it's equally important to ask the right questions to ensure that the work is authentic, meaningful, empowering, and iconic. In this article, I'll share the questions I ask prospective clients before working with them, and why they matter.

1. What is your brand's story?

Before creating any design, it's essential to understand the company’s story. What are its values? What does it stand for? By understanding the brand's story, we can create more meaningful designs that accurately represent the brand and its mission. We are also able to decide whether we will be a good fit for each other.


2. Who is your target audience?

Understandingthe target audience is crucial to creating a design that is empowering. Who arewe designing for? What are their needs and desires? What do they respond to? Byunderstanding the target audience, we can create designs that speak directly tothem and empower them. A design that resonates with the target audience is adesign that has the power to inspire action.


3. What are your goals?

It's importantto understand the client's goals before starting any project. What do they hopeto achieve with the design? Is it to increase sales, create awareness, orestablish credibility? By understanding the goals, we can create compellingdesigns that the test of time, become instantly recognizable, and helpestablish the brand's credibility.


4. What makes your brand unique?

Understandingwhat makes the brand unique is crucial to creating meaningful design. What setsthe brand apart from its competitors? What makes it stand out? By understandingwhat makes the brand unique, we can create designs that accurately reflect itspersonality and benefits.


5. What problem does your business solve?

They should beable to outline their products and services as well as how these provide solutionsto their customers. If a potential client has trouble outlining their companyin detail, this could be a warning sign. A lack of clarity in their offeringmeans that they might not be ready for a visual brand.


6. What does your timeline look like?

By asking theclient about their timeline, we can understand their expectations and ensurethat they align with what we can deliver.

It also allows us to plan our work and allocate resources accordingly. This helps ensure that we can meet the client's deadlines and deliver high-quality work.


7. How did you hear about me?

Knowing where the majority of our potential clients find us is instrumental. It helps use valuate the effectiveness of our marketing efforts, identify new opportunities and make data-driven decisions to improve our business.


Asking the right questions is crucial to creating design that is authentic, meaningful, empowering, and iconic. By understanding the brand's story, target audience, goals, and unique qualities, we can create designs that accurately represent the brand and speak directly to its audience. It's not just about creating a pretty picture; it's about creating design that has the power to inspire action, establish credibility, and stand the test of time. If you're a prospective client looking to work with a creative professional, be prepared to answer these questions. If you're a creative professional, make sure you're asking these questions before starting any project.


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