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Health and Food Junkie

Health & Food Junkie is a nutritionist and blogger who provides nutrition knowledge/plan services and creates content about wellness from food. Using a logotype/font that evokes "earthy" and "whole", I have created a unique arrangement of the brand name "Health & Food Junkie" uniquely arranged in Playfair Display font, which stays true to its roots and personality. Along with this, the identity is accompanied with original drawn illustrations representing health, wellness and nutrition. The color palette is intentional with its source in multiple foods as well as nature and wellness, tying back to the brand's offering of healthy nutrition and wellness services.

Health & Food Junkie is the online persona of a highly qualified holisticnutritionist and wellness coach who disseminates valuable insights andpractical tips on nutrition and wellness through her blog. The clientenvisioned a brand identity that echoed an earthy and organic feel,resonating with the holistic and wholesome philosophy that her practice isrooted in. To this end, we incorporated original hand-drawn illustrations inthe brand's visual identity, which effectively communicates the blogger'sdeep-rooted connection with nature, and highlights the brand's commitmentto holistic well-being.


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Brand strategy, Visual brand identity, Illustration, Social content

Health and Food Junkie

Brand strategy, Visual brand identity, Illustration, Social content


Visual brand identity, Illustration, Stationery, Social content


Brand Strategy, Visual Brand Identity


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The fact that she asked the tough questions to really understand what we are looking for and offered suggestions on what would work and what may not be as effective. I also love the uniqueness of the branding, knowing that what I have is one of a kind

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Sakoodle had a robust briefing process in understanding the client, their needs and value proposition. Sakoodle brought my personality and idea into a brand in a way I could have never Imagined.

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